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Overcoming Anxiety: Just Take the First Step


Simple tasks can easily intimidate those who struggle with anxiety. A person with anxiety might find it too overwhelming to simply unload the dishwasher, buy groceries, or go to the post office. So how does someone accomplish these things that often seem completely impossible?

Overcoming anxiety is not an easy feat, and it does not happen in just one or two easy steps. Beating anxiety involves taking one step at a time, followed by another, and another, and another. Just beginning, just taking that first step forward, is a crucial part of your journey to overcoming anxiety.

Choose to remember that you are in charge of how you feel. Don’t let your “anxiety brain” control your real brain, where your conscious and reasonable thoughts live.

For example, if you find yourself still intimidated by going grocery shopping, simply take the first step, then the next. Focus first on putting on your shoes, then grabbing your wallet or purse, then walking to your car or walking to the grocery store, then gathering the groceries in your cart. Soon, you will be leaving the checkout line with the items you needed, all because you had the courage to take that first step and the tenacity to keep moving forward.

Be wary of the temptation of procrastination. It can be easy to put off tasks that scare us or jobs we believe are too large for us to handle, but the longer we avoid them, the more they will stress us out.

Decide every day to do one of those tasks to the best of your ability. If it’s a larger task, break off one sizable chunk of it, and choose to do that first. Simply getting started is the best way to make progress and slowly but surely overcome your anxiety.

If you take one small step today, that means you can take one small step tomorrow, and the day after that.

If you would like more help or information about overcoming anxiety, reach out to us anytime. We want to help you take back control of your mental health.

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